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W:Christmas Eve was coming as usual. However, 8-year-old Kevin McAllister was accidentally left behind when his family took off for a vacation in France over the holiday season. Once he realized they've left him home by himself, Kevin learnt to fend for himself, and eventually had to protect his house against two stupid thieves, Harry and Marv, who were planning to rob every house in Kevin's suburban Chicago neighborhood.



Kevin's mother Kate was going to be mad when she realized that she and the families have unintentionally left Kevin behind in Chicago, and she tried to go back to Chicago as fast as she could, getting help from a band leader named Gus Polinski.

Z:Kevin was at home alone when the two thieves came. Kevin set traps as much as possible for them. Finally he defeated the thieves. At this time, his mother returned. Kevin was very happy. Soon, dad, sister, brother, sister, brother, had all returned. They had been waiting for a long time for the aircraft.



X:A kid in real world would probably be more frightened than Kevin, and would probably cry. He might also try calling someone, or asking a neighbor for help. But in this movie, the only neighbor was an old coot who was rumored to be the Snow Shovel Murderer, and the phone doesn't work. When Kevin's parents discovered they've forgotten him, they found it impossible to get anyone to follow through on their panicked calls.



His?wisdom,?courage is worthy?of?our?study. The danger,?difficulties?can?not?be?afraid?or escape,but?to?be?brave?to?face?the?positive?and find?the?solutions. Victory?will?be?ours. This film make me understand that we must be calm in the face of difficulties, do not panic and believe in ourselves, use our own wisdom and experience to overcome them.


Home Alone》 was Hughes' most successful screenplay , which made Macaulay Culkin famous all around the world, was a tale about Christmas Eve from a dissatisfied child's perspective. Hughes managed to capture Kevin's feelings of precociousness and childish dream with deft abilities.

W:We followed Kevin as he went from being delight to live alone to defending his territory against the two thieves. The majority of punchline came from the traps invented by Kevin which ruined both thieves every action with slapstick humour.


Y:The plot of the film was absolutely simple. But, Macaulay Culkin carried most of the film with a wide variety of looks, gestures and expressions with no problem. For me, it's Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci who wanted to steal Kevin traps got the main laughs.


Z:Macaulay culkin played a role in clever Kevin, who had blue,  clear and bright eyes, captured the hearts of countless audiences. At the same time, he withstanded the test of the time . Thinking of Kevin's lovely image, a lively story hit Hughes . A psychologically rational and mature boy was born.


Y:But Macaulay didn't live his life as Kevin did. Over the years, when kurkin's career as an actor was stable, he became a controversial figure before his status as a child star brought him a rise. His drug use came to light in 2004 when he was arrested for possessing marijuana and other controlled substances.



This is a film which manages to capture some of the best qualities of Christmas in a surprisingly enjoyable format and will provide the whole family with large quantities of festive spirit.


After watching the film, I could not help but to love Kevin, and applause, at the same time, I was thinking: why this eight years old child overcame the bad guys without no training. Among them, my most favorite kid said: they could not overcome me in my home, because this is my home.

X:He was such a confident, calm boy which make him forgot the fear, and the bad guy decided to wage a life-and-death struggle. So he was active in the brain, contacted their usual learned knowledge, trapped the men in the house, finally used wisdom to overcome the bad guys.




Wonder is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by palaccio, who dreamed of being an illustrator before writing the novel, in keeping with the motherhood of Julia Roberts in the film.

Z:The original intention of the story was that when her daughter ran into a child with treacher Collins syndrome in an ice cream shop and cried in shock, she realized later that her actions had caused her harm and she had missed an opportunity for the child to get "respect education". Apologetic for the girl, she decided to record the unforgettable story, and she has been writing about the Auggie family ever since.



W:But he is ten years old that year, the parents suddenly change decision, to send him to a normal school, because of increasingly felt family class already can't satisfy the growing need of Auggie, they also hope their children as well as other children, in addition to learn cultural knowledge, also must learn how to get along with others, have a normal childhood.

Z: In school, he pulled down a huge space helmets, will face the appearance of real exposed, and the principal, teachers and classmates with various character, his unusual appearance let him become the focus of people talk about, again and again I feel out of him, bullying, laughed at and insult, make his mind becomes fragile inferiority, his mood is getting low collapse, often alone sitting in the corner of the remote, afraid to speak and peer exchange. His classmate Julian, in particular, was always trying to provoke him, hurt him, and isolate him with his vicious words and actions.

Y:Fortunately, during Auggie's growing up, his mother always stood behind him, gave him sincere care and help, and became his strong backing and strength.

One day, when Auggie was laughed at by his classmates at school, he went home and cried to his mother, who told him, "everyone has a mark on their face, and their heart will show us the way, and their face marks where we have been, and it is by no means ugly." Just as when we focus on our shortcomings, the world is darkened. Because we magnify our shortcomings, we can't see the beauty of things around us. On the contrary, when we look away from the things that make us dark, we will find the world of light ten colors, colorful.




Y:There are two prejudices in the movie. The first prejudice denies Auggie everything because of his appearance. The second bias is self-centered, regarding what you see as the truth and ignoring what you don't see. These two prejudices are essentially the same. They only look at the surface of things, not the whole picture.

Z:The first bias is the most intuitive and easy to spot. "It is wrong to judge a person by his appearance" is a truth everyone knows, but it is difficult to really do.

Although many adults treat Auggie well, most children are not good at hiding their thoughts and thus cast unfriendly glances at Auggie. Time is the best medicine. Many students find Auggie to be a kind and friendly little boy after long contact, so they make up with him. Even the most ill-bred Julian apologizes to the principal.

X:In the face of discrimination, Auggie is usually his own responsibility, the most frequent temper, but never with violence to violence, never back abuse, never by hurting others to vent their frustration. He put down the hatred, in the heart of love to influence the students. He was treated unfairly, but he passed on his kindness, his love, and his friendliness, which is why he was awarded the prize at the end.

L:After all, it's hard for a little boy not only to take the pain, but also to show tenderness. Facial deformities are just one trait that can be replaced by many other things: illness, skin color, height, obesity, poverty, unemployment, sexual orientation, physical disability, mental retardation, gender reassignment surgery, social underclass, and so on.

W:No one is perfect, everyone has more or less external defects, we are likely to be one of the vulnerable groups. And many times, we are not only the underdog, but also the bystander. The world is a better place for those who look on, to put aside their prejudices and find the good in each other.

Y:For the underprivileged, anger only breeds greater anger, and if you return good for bad, as Auggie did, you might be treated kindly. After all, if you want to be respected by others, you must first learn to respect others. As the movie says: if I had to choose between being right and being kind, I would choose being kind.

X:Auggie hated himself at first, but his father secretly hid his helmet, forcing Auggie to try to get along with people, grow faster, and eventually make peace with himself. As a vulnerable group, must learn to accept their own, face their own, the face of the absolute can not escape. Dad's approach to make Auggie grow up, mom's encouragement to make Auggie confident. Only encouragement and only severity are not enough, the combination of encouragement and severity will have a better effect.

Z:The second kind of prejudice is to start from one's own point of view, thus producing one-sided cognition.

Now there are a lot of theme movie, usually it is easy to let a person feel too fake, because the protagonist's point of view is one-sided, visual blind area exists, "the wonder boy" will avoid this problem, a similar "bait" from multiple perspectives, through a different perspective to present different characters' psychological activities, made the figure depicts the story, a more comprehensive and full.

L: At the beginning of the movie, for example, jack is nice to Auggie, but later we find out that the principal and mother told him to do it. For example, Sylvia finds that her best friend Miranda has become indifferent to her and mistakenly thinks that she doesn't like herself. Miranda was actually pretending to be Sylvia at camp, so she felt embarrassed and guilty. This unexpected twist, and the fun of the good times, takes the film to the next level.



X:Finally, I would like to say that in this film, every seemingly insignificant person is working miracles in ordinary life. On the surface, it is a miracle that Auggie refused to go to school, went to school, was accepted by friends, and finally got the grade medal. But wasn't everyone around him a miracle? The director tries to show the hidden side of each character.

Y:The self-narration of the elder sister, the self-narration of the elder sister's friend, the self-narration of Auggie's friend, and so on, all prove a truth again: everyone has his own play, in which we are the protagonist of our own. In such an omniscient perspective, even the dog, Daisy, has become a member that cannot be ignored.

L:The pieced together paragraph, just formed a most objective real world. It is very interesting in the film that the elder sister is a high school student, but she also faces the same situation as the younger brother, a primary school student. So whether it's a child society, a juvenile society or an adult society, the essence is the same.

W:No one more than who a freedom, no one less than who a hard. Turns out, we are the quiet, with little life to create a miracle of people.





China’s top action star, Wu Jing, is going to conquer Qomolangma.Wu stars in a film called The Climbers. It is based on the real-life expeditionof four Chinese mountaineers in 1960, who were the world’s first to climb Qomolangma’s north side successfully.

Z:The mega-production produced by the Shanghai Film Group Corp, which features two generations of Chinese mountaineers who scaled Mount Qomolangma from the perilous north side in 1960 and 1975, pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


X:It hit the screens in cinemas across the Chinese mainland, in North America and the United Kingdom, on Sept 30.

More than 2,000 spectacular special effects shots by veteran international visual artists have also been included to best present the Chinese team’s expedition in tackling the world’s highest peak, according to Ren Zhonglun, chairman of the Shanghai Film Group Corp.


X:The film, which took around 14 months to make, features an A-list cast including Wu Jing, who is known for his role in Wolf Warrior and The Wandering Earth, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jackie Chan and Wang Jingchun。The film vividly presents the heroic deeds of China’s mountaineering heroes. The crew braved the harsh environment while filming. Wu told journalists in an interview that he experienced a bad cold and altitude sickness during shooting.


Z:“It was important to understand how difficult it was for these mountaineers, and to appreciate how they behold the highest mountain with awe,” said the actor.

In the real history, at that time, four Chinese mountaineers set out together to reach a precipice between 8680 meters and 8700 meters above sea level, nearly 90 degrees, which is the insurmountable "second step" of foreign mountaineers.

L: It's steep and smooth, and almost no support can be found for climbing. Liu lianman, the archetype of the character played by Wu Jing, a fire fighter, thought of the way to build a ladder. He took the initiative to squat down as a "ladder" and let his teammates climb on their shoulders. This section is only about 4 meters high. It took them 5 hours to finish it.

X: Although he has successfully passed the second step, Liu lianman's physical exhaustion has made him fall down. In order not to encumber everyone's journey, Liu lianman decided to stay 200 meters away from the summit and let his teammates march towards Everest.

W:“体会这些登山家们的艰苦处境,怀着一颗敬畏之心去看待他们眼中的最高峰,这十分重要。”这位演员说道。在真实的历史中,当时,中国四位登山队员一起出发,到达海拔8680米到8700米之间,近乎九十度的绝壁就是外国登山家口中不可逾越“第二台阶”,陡峭而光滑,几乎找不到任何攀登的支点, 消防员出身的吴京扮演人物的原型——刘连满想到了搭人梯的办法。他主动蹲下当“人梯”,让队友踩着自己的肩膀攀登。


Y:"In the movie there are many moments when I felt like crying but we’re somewhat stopped," said Wu. "We resonate with The Climbers because each one of us is a climber in life."


X:In the real history, Chinese mountaineers climb Everest at night under the extremely bad hypoxia condition, which is considered impossible by the West. According to the international mountaineering practice, the climbers must have sufficient climbing evidence to be recognized.

Z:The evidence at least includes: first, the climber must leave a souvenir at the summit for later recognition; second, the climber must take 360 degree environmental photos at the summit and photos of the climber at the summit. But at that time, it was night, and they couldn't shoot because of the darkness; the souvenirs they left on the summit were too light and swept away by the strong wind.

L: Three years later, when the Americans reached the summit, none of them were there, so their feats were not recognized by the international mountaineering community at that time. However, after evacuating the peak, it was getting brighter gradually.As the altitude reached 8700 meters, Qu Yinhua, one of the climbers, took out his camera and took a picture of the summit of Everest.

Y:This became the most precious picture of China's first conquest of Everest. Now China's climb to the top of Everest in 1960 has been gradually recognized as true, because their detailed climbing details have been confirmed by later climbers from all over the world, they just can't believe how strong the willpower of the Chinese people in that era. The climbers are valuable. They fully show the Chinese people's courage to explore and climb forever.



X:At the same time, don't forget the more important things that the climber wants to tell us.          

"Our own mountain, climb up, let the world see the Chinese people." From the ladder that sacrificed ten toes and one heel of Qu Songlin to the "Chinese ladder" that helped more climbers climb to the top of Everest.            "Climber" is also a climber in Chinese films. As the first mountaineering film, it starts and reaches its peak.




Z:From this point of view, the charm of the small spider is also vividly portrayed.He is the youngest spider-man of all time and is taking the first step on the road to becoming a hero.At the moment, two spider-man films, homecoming and the expedition, have chosen to stay there, which I think makes perfect sense, because how easy is it for a young man to figure himself out?There's a song that goes like this:“How many roads must a kid walk down Before they call him a man?”  



X:之所以强调这一点,也因为我不认同“小蜘蛛在逃避”的观点。尽管逃避和自欺在许多时候互为因果。应该指出的是,彼特从未逃避过他的责任,在真正需要他出手的任一时刻,他都没有逃避或犹豫,甚至于可以鸽掉心上人。小蜘蛛把伊迪斯转交给神秘客的理由,也是对方更有阅历、更有领导力、更有超级英雄范。他坦诚地表示自己不够格,而不是不想干。这是一厢情愿的自欺,而不是逃避。  涉世未深再加上心甘情愿,天才少年也被甩得团团转。在小蜘蛛发现自己又闯了大祸之后,他的样子真是逗比得让人心疼。

Y:In the mood of self-blame launched blind action, followed by panic, panic, loss, confusion, the situation once toward the worst direction, friends, lovers, the world because of their own failure into a greater crisis.In the end, in that moment of defeat, how much would Peter have liked to have Mr. Stark by his side, even if it had been to scold him?At the same time, before the illusion of the mysterious guest, trust becomes the biggest problem.So he thought and dialed the number.

L:  显然,小蜘蛛找对了人,因为哈皮正是全程目睹托尼如何成长为钢铁侠、一个花花公子如何成长为超级英雄的那个人。而更重要的是,哈皮比任何人都清楚托尼私底下是个什么样子。  “我很想他。”彼特终于把心里话说了出来。  我也想他,谁能不想他呢?  然后是一段“Ok, time to be the captain”的桥段,而这是每个英雄的必经之路——失败、反省,然后成长。  当年复联一的经典骂战中,罗杰斯说托尼脱去铠甲后什么都不是,托尼说罗杰斯的一切都来自一个小瓶子,后来,他们都发现自己错了。那时候,他们还不了解彼此,那时候,我们也没有发自内心地、深层次地认可他们(以及漫威)。但是很多年后,我们明白了,美国队长和钢铁侠之成其如此,是因为关于“英雄”的最重要的东西,早已埋藏在他们的心中。  


Z: 上映前片方宣传说,“并非《复仇者联盟4:终局之战》,《蜘蛛侠2:英雄远征》才是整个第三阶段的收官之作。”虽然我是漫威铁粉,但其实我还是认为这套说辞是给小蜘蛛加噱头、攒热度的目的居多。然而看完之后(特别是彩蛋),我觉得这一说法真是名副其实。这种感情没有被欺骗的感觉,在如今,显得格外的好。  任何事物都在不可避免地走向庸俗,但漫威没有,似乎也不会,因为庸俗本来就是它不介意披挂着的铠甲。但我想,继现实之后,时间会进一步证明漫威宇宙的创想之伟大。  

L:除此之外,正如前面说到的,小蜘蛛是心甘情愿被骗的,而这同现实中的观众又是何其相似?所谓喜欢,大概就是一种情愿被骗的心情(现在的观众其实是越来越难哄骗了)。神秘客的幻象欺骗了世界,漫威的光影何尝不曾让世界被其影响?而对于最重要的角色,也就是“人”,小蜘蛛固然被幻象所伤害,却不能不说他也从中获得了最真实的成长,那么与他对应的现实中的人,又能从幻想中得到什么呢?  最后,再过度解读一波。  















I do like a good coming of age story and I knew within the first 10 mins that I'd like this film.I find that stories and romances like this always work better set in an older more innocent time period.

W:I didn't realize it until Rob Reiner had directed and in all honesty it wasn't too much of a shock.He did after all direct Stand By Me which is probably the daddy of coming of age stories.

As in the title,what I liked about this film was when it 'Flipped'.We'd first get Bryce's take on something that happens after which the same series of events would be told by Juli.

Y:It's a simple story - girl likes boy,boy doesn't like girl and only realises he does just after the girl begins to not like him.It's nothing new or original but it told with a simplistic charm and works wonders thanks to the two leads and outstanding supporting cast.

L:This is a nice film.One of the type that will put you in a good mood and make you long (if you don't already have it) for a true love story of your own.My only complaint is the running time which seems way too short.There's so much build up to the inevitable between Bryce and Juli that when it comes,that's it - end of film.

Z:Everything that is wrong with The Movies today in America is beautifully encapsulated in Rob Reiner’s Flipped. Oh, not in the film itself, which is a charming little coming-of-age teen romance. It’s in how a lovely movie that’s truly suitable for the whole family cannot find an audience in the current movie environment.

X:The plot of the film is a subtle statement, from the perspective of two people watching the same issue. Although only a small boy and small girl story, but he moved that noise. Two families with two children, also see people with different personalities. Memory of my grandfather on my grandmother, because of their age precipitation perception of life; the girl's father, the brothers take care of, appreciation of natural beauty, optimism and indifferent to life; also conceal the inferiority of his heart, boy.

Y:The most shocking is the girl sitting in the fig tree to see the scenery, vast, magnificent. People seem to have such a moment, when a man began to wake up, start thinking, start moving, and Bryce, the attitude of Julie, from resentment, to doubt, from compassion, to accept, make me feel very real A child's thinking. When you are 12 years old to 13 years in such a stage, you will have a lot of things confused.

W:You do not know who you are, you do not know how to do next. At this point there is a mentor and guide is a very important thing. This should normally be the role of the mother or father, but in this film, the father himself to the world full of anger. Bryce is lucky, he had a grandfather in life to tell him who he is, he should become a kind of person.

L:Julie is very lucky, she has a family to give her the right values. The value of her own with a strong self-awareness, she knows what she wants. We can see such a family, giving them the right values, the children of other families can benefit from it, to seek their own value.

X:Because of a friend’s strong recommendation,《flipped》is a movie I wanted to watch a long time ago.Then till the vacation,I finally had the chance to enjoy it.It’s a story showed from the perspective of two people watching the same issue.A little girl and a little boy met at their second grade.The girl fell in love with her newly moved neighbour because of his dazzling eyes.

T:But the boy was always mad at the girl because of her bored broadcast about every morning’s school bus,her family’s yard was always in a mess and her ugly sycamore tree. Then the girl realized that the boy wasn’t the kind of person who is more than the sum of his parts.However,the boy gradually began to find the merits of the girl,such as kindness,self-awareness,pureness.

W:Little Julie has many virtues which impress me.First,she adhered to herself.She loved the sycamore tree in their block.Because she could sit at the braches for hours and amazed by the view.When someone wanted to cut the sycamore tree down,she sat there bravely to protect it.

X:She didn’t care about others’ incomprehension and ridicule.Second,she showed sympathy for the weak.She loved her uncle,although he had a severe handicap.And she bid for the Basketboy number 8 at Mayfield Boosters Club Action because no one bid for the boy.Last but not least,she had a strong feeling of self-respect on her own.She had the ability to rationally judge whether Bryce is worth to love.







L:Main Title from Home Alone (也叫Somewhere In My Memory)John Williams这首歌是小鬼当家《Home Alone》的主题曲,收录于电影同名专辑Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)。由于其流派属于soundtrack(原生音乐),无损的音质完美地再现了1990年圣诞夜的欢快气氛。

“I can see

Somewhere in my memory

Christmas joys all around me

Living in my memory

All of the music

All of the magic

All of the family home here with me“

A net friend said, this typical song is brilliant, which reminds me of the warmest, deepest, most fantastic memories for Christmas Eve in my childhood.



Continue to run with naked pride How can you see the sparkle of life without insisting on it? Instead of surviving, let's indulge in burning. One day it will sprout again.

Z:这首歌是由苏朵作词和谱曲,甘虎编曲,GALA乐队演唱的一首歌,收录在2011年发行的同名专辑《追梦赤子心》中。  该曲也是2015年播出的动画《那年那兔那些事儿》的片尾曲 和电影《空天猎》的片尾曲。在电影中,那一个个为祖国,为民族不断努力,不断挑战的攀登的背影,他们是如此的鲜活,正如歌词中的

“继续跑 带着赤子的骄傲





W:最后一首歌是LET IT BE,最早是在1955年,法国Gilbert Becaud所演唱。同样是2010年8月6日在美国上映的电影《怦然心动》的片尾曲。它的英文版本是由Mann Curtis所写,由 Jill Corey在1957年所演唱。其后,有许多知名歌手所翻唱,其中,最广为流传的是1960年The Everly Brothers所演唱。其在美国公告牌百强单曲榜占据第七。猫王Elvis Presley在1970年也曾翻唱,收录在Elvis On Stage唱片内。

This is todays program, hope you gays enjoy it.And yesterday was Christmas. Please accept our late but most sincere Christmas wishes.

合:See you!

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